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Drift One


Drift One is a real 3D drift car racing simulator game and it is also FREE!# The game is designed for the passionate drift lovers, so, engines of the cars are tuned to drift. # Try to earn max point in the leaderboards of each level and beat your friends!# Customise cars just in the way you like and drive your dream drift car!Tip: If you think you are having difficult time drifting while taking corners try to use handbrakes!
Features:★ 12 Cars Perfectly Tuned Cars (Sahin, E30, Sports Cars, German Cars, and Japanesse Cars)★ 9 Laps, Offering Different Drifting Experience★ Pro Handbrake mode★ 3 Real Drift Controls * Tilt Control * Wheel Control * Arrow Control★ Real Engine Sounds★ Intelligent Drift Calculation System★ 4 Live Cameras * Spider Camera * Drift Camera * Normal Camera * Inside Camera★ Full Customisation * Variety of Hood Decals * Variety of Side Stickers * 6 Rim Options * Variety of Colour Options For: - Car - Brake Caliper - Rim★ Speedometer and RPM Gauges
Ready to burn your tires? Ready to drift? Start leaving your skid mark on the asphalt!
Please note that, if you delete the game, all of the acquirements within the game, including in-app purchases, will be lost!
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